When it comes to maintenance, many businesses focus on the interior of their premises. However, the exterior is arguably just as important, with regular upkeep required to help make a good first impression and maintain a high level of safety. Read on to find out why carrying out grounds maintenance is essential for businesses in various industries.

Attract and retain customers

In business, first impressions count. So, why neglect the outside of your premises and turn your customers off before they’ve even stepped foot inside? Your grounds are the first area that people see when visiting your business and if they’re looking unkempt and dishevelled, this could result in them developing a negative idea of your business that’s difficult to break.

If you have storm-damaged trees with broken branches or diseased trees which are gradually deteriorating, this can affect the look of your landscape considerably, and you may want to consider what people are saying about your business. By hiring experienced commercial tree surgeons in Essex, you can make sure that your outdoor areas always look their best, allowing you to make the best impression on your customers. You can ensure they keep coming back to your premises time and time again.

Maintain a high level of safety

Along with keeping the exterior of your business looking neat and tidy, regular grounds maintenance helps to keep your customers, visitors, and staff safe. Ongoing maintenance can reduce the risk of injuries from falling branches and trees, or trips and falls over hazardous tree stumps. When outdoor areas are left uncared for, all sorts of accidents can occur.

By implementing regular grounds maintenance, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re adhering to all the required health and safety guidelines set out by the HSE. Accidents on your premises won’t just give your business a bad reputation but they could also lead to public liability claims being made against you. This can be financially devastating for your business in some cases.

Protect your investment

Your premises are a key part of your business, so why let them go to wrack and ruin? By hiring commercial tree surgeons to help care for your grounds, you’ll be protecting your investment and ensuring you get the most out of it over the years. Whether you want to prune your trees to make them more visually appealing and enhance your outside seating area or remove several of them from your land to construct a new car park that provides more spaces for customers, this all helps to safeguard your investment.

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