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A broken wine fridge could be a result of a variety of reasons. The process of analysing the condition begins with determining which model you have. Once you buy a wine cooler, you have to properly maintain it. Otherwise, you might end up with a broken one. Compressor and thermoelectric units in coolers, like cda integrated wine coolers, work on several principles and technologies. As a result, the causes of their defects are fundamentally different.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a broken wine cooler and their solutions!

The compressor fan is out of order

If the compressor fan does not turn on with the rest of the system, the condenser and coil may overheat. Check to see that the condenser fan is free to spin and not blocked by anything. Dust and dirt can build up on the blades, causing them to stop rotating. The fan is most likely broken and has to be replaced if no dust or debris is obstructing its movement.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is one of the many reasons for causing your compressor wine fridge to stop cooling. The thermostat also controls and adjusts the temperature of your wine refrigerator, and if this vital component fails, your wines may suffer. Despite the contradictions of online instructions and user manuals, it is always recommended to consult a professional.

Problems regarding Ventilation

If the temperature in the room is perfect, the thermostat and ventilator are both in a working state, yet your thermoelectric wine cooler refuses to cool. You should make sure that it has enough airflow. Assuring appropriate airflow is a quick cure for this problem. Place the wine refrigerator away from all the walls in the house.

Defective Fan

Thermoelectric wine fridges, like conventional refrigerators, include a blower that draws hot air out of the cabinet. The fan of a thermoelectric unit might easily disconnect due to the distinct technology. The fans, that are used in the compressor wine cooler, might get stuck due to dust and debris, or they can simply break and require repair. Examine the fan if your wine fridge isn’t cooling and you’ve ruled out room temperature and position. Check if all things are in functioning order and that it is clean. Simply reattach the relevant connectors to the motherboard to troubleshoot.

Evaporator Issues

When you open the door of your compressor wine fridge, the evaporator is to blame for the frigid air. This component cools the cabinet by removing air from the coils. If the evaporator fails, despite the full functioning compressor, the unit will not be able to produce cold air.

So, you should check the evaporator to see if there is any ice formation on it. Also, make sure that the fan blades of the evaporator are in good working order. Dust and debris may have accumulated on the component as well.

If you cannot seem to find any visible problem with your wine cooler, despite the cooler being broken, you should consult a professional repair service.

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