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With the cost of the living crisis affecting everyone and energy prices sky rocketing, many owners of hot tubs are worried about how much their hot tub will cost to run. Hot tubs are a fantastic addition to any garden area, and they can provide many benefits, however ensuring that your hot tub doesn’t break the bank should be something to consider so that you can still enjoy it.

There are a few different steps you can take to help reduce the running costs of your hot tub – some very simple, quick fixes which can make a difference to your bills. Plus, new hot tubs for sale can also be much more economical than older models.

In this article, we’ll be discussing our top tips to lower the costs associated with your hot tub.

Reduce the temperature of the water in your hot tub

Heating the hot tub actually uses a lot of energy, so by simply turning the heat down slightly you could save yourself a lot of money. Much like the thermostat which controls the central heating in your home, just by turning the temperature down by a few degrees you could see a huge difference, without compromising on the benefits of the warm water. It particularly effective to turn the temperature down slightly during cold weather as your hot tub will use more energy to heat itself up when it’s cold outside.

Invest in a new hot tub cover

If your hot tub cover is old and damaged, or if it’s not securely attached to your hot tub, heat will leak out the top if it. This will ultimately mean that the heating element of the tub has to work harder in order to reheat the water and keep it at a constant temperature.

Ensure your air jets are closed when not in use

Air jets are included in most hot tubs as they allow the air to enter the hub in order to create the bubbles and massage element. However, they can use more energy as they actually introduce cold air into the system, which again means your heating element needs to use more power to get it up to the desired temperature. In order to prevent this, try closing the air jets when you don’t require the massage element of your tub.

Ensure your filters are clean

Dirty filters and buildup of debris within them can mean that you hub has to work harder to flush water through them. This results in higher energy use and ultimately can affect your bills. Its good practice to ensure that your filters are cleaned on a regular basis from a hygiene point of view, but filter maintenance can actually help reduce your bills in the long run too – helping you to kill two birds with one stone.

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