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As you imagine yourself walking inside a proper old, aged wine cellar, you can imagine the world inside such a room, filled with the wondrous aromas of aging red wine and old wood barrels as well as the corks of the wine bottles. What a wonderful dream to have; however, for many wine sommeliers, this is not a reality as their space to house such a cellar is limited; therefore, you might want to think about wine storage ideas for small spaces to rightfully place a wine cooler inside your home, instead of a wine cellar, below. Henceforth, the excellent idea is to invest in an integrated wine fridge that can be integrated into existing spaces, such as under a cabinet in the kitchen, and remember the prospects of placing it in your bar. And if to bring everything together, you might want to desire the perfect wine storage temperature and environment in such an integrated wine fridge, therefore by browsing through the pages online of the many manufacturers, such as the ones on Bodega 43 wine fridges, to name just one of many in availability you might find the perfect one for your requirements, however, do your homework first before investing in such a unit, afterward, you would be greatly impressed by this wine cooling device.

When storing red wine

In your quest to find the best storage solutions for your wine bottle collection, you might find several wine coolers on the market that wine cooler manufacturers have put together in such a way as to optimize the integrity of each one, whether they be red or white. But sometimes you need to take into consideration the number of wine bottles you have in your collection, thus, ensuring that you obtain the perfect one to suit your individual needs, such as when only collecting red wine bottles, you should think about purchasing a single-zone wine cooler which gives of the correct environment needed to preserve and age it appropriately. For example, the perfect temperature should be set with red wine at 12 degrees Celsius, slightly warmer than white wine.

The importance of white wine capacity

If you are an avid collector of white wine, you could be interested in investing in a single-zone wine fridge, the same as the requirements for a red wine collection. However, within this storage capacity meant for just white wine, the storage temperature is regarded by many experts to be slightly colder than its cousin, red wine, as it is believed that as white wine is opened more regularly, it does not require the exact temperature needed to age wine optimally. In addition, if you desire to own and store red and white wine, you can purchase a dual-zone wine cooler with two different storage capacities. For example, this specific unit is divided into two by a metal plate placed inside the middle of the capacity, offering two different storage environments, especially the temperature requirements, within both.

Different types of wine coolers

There are many different wine coolers on the market to ensure that each wine collector’s needs are met. For instance, if you require something more compact to fit into existing cabinets, there is a version of a built-in wine cooler. This exceptional version of a wine cooler can be bought and obtained in various shapes and sizes to meet your standards regarding the correct storage capacity needed by you as a wine connoisseur. On the other hand, if you require something that would fit more on its own, forming a piece of art separately from the room in its place, the perfect option would be a freestanding wine cooler or fridge.

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